What “The Big Short” Gets Right—and Wrong

Steve Carell, second from left, and Ryan Gosling in 'The Big Short.'. A terrific christian bale pulls you right in as Michael Burry, an eccentric. But he knows a good deal when it gets a thumbs-up from his trio of number crunchers (Rafe Spall , Hamish.. Of course he doesn't understand what he did wrong!

Director Adam McKay gets serious with an inventive and intellectual. and Brad Pitt, they're financial heretics under enormous pressure to be right. If their calculations are incorrect, for example, Bale's Michael Burry could.

What Genius’ Gets Right-and Wrong-About the Jewish Einstein. In the process, Geist is inspired to help more Jews flee the Nazi regime. The affair is mostly true. On leaving Germany in 1932 Einstein was indeed interviewed by the U.S. consulate in Berlin in the wake of a well-publicized memo to the State Department from the woman patriot corporation,

Hollywood Fact-Checked: What the Movie Gets Right and Wrong Quentin Tarantino s Once Upon a Time. in Hollywood is a fairytale only he could have envisioned.

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 · Leaders of great companies ask: First Who, Then What? If your company’s at a standstill, you may be asking the wrong question. In his book, Good to Great, Jim Collins creates a lasting and memorable metaphor by comparing a business to a bus and the leader as a bus driver.He emphasizes that it is crucial to continuously ask “First Who, Then What?”

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"The Big Short" Writer On Why The Bank Bailout Was A Mistake Just released on DVD, The Big Short provides a comic take on the complexities of 2008 Financial Crash.. the men that made big money betting that things would go wrong.. A bank doesn't mind taking on the debt if they know that it will get. But in the end Burry was right, and when the mortgage bubble.

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"The Big Short" is more entertaining than most films in the cineplex this holiday season.. Comedy is tragedy + time, right?. Don't get the wrong impression, this film is an absolute necessity on raw economics majors and even the fringe.

 · Gravity Fact Check: What the Season’s Big Movie Gets Wrong The new cosmic thriller makes a lot of small mistakes and some big ones-though you may not notice them through the gasps By Jeffrey Kluger Oct. 01, 2013