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Not only did Baltimore native Joe Maye make it past the blind auditions on "The Voice," he got to sing a spontaneous duet with Christina Aguilera. After hearing Maye’s rendition of "I Put a Spell.

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Only five days earlier Silva had been terminated as police chief in an impromptu meeting with two city officials who no longer are with the local government. How did it go? one supporter asked.

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Under the terms of preemption, the prospective buyer was to pay two-fifths of the.. In June 1922, Pardon Attorney James A. Finch told Warden W. I. Biddle of.. of whom were ex-servicemen, though a sizeable contingent was West Indian. Militant activists in CORE, while holding impromptu street rallies, started the.

Prospective buyers stamped through the rooms, knocking on the walls, inspecting the furnishings, staring openly at Maria. the chairman of the impromptu meeting said.. The warden kept peering through the peephole in the door. By the way he came to attention in the doorway one could guess he was a military man.

"Impromptu" is always a happy surprise when I play it for friends – especially those who have never heard of it. And it makes a great gift, too, for anyone who loves history, romance – the highlight is Sands’ pursuit of Chopin – and the eccentricities of people everywhere.

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Most Broadway musicals and plays canceled their Saturday evening shows, though some cast members staged impromptu performances in the street. The outage stymied subway service throughout the city,

These servicemen, many stationed in far-.. The buyer of CTO #10 had no.. in for yet another impromptu meeting and this time were told in no uncer- tain terms.. leased or rented (perhaps like an airbnb) to the warden, who ” managed.