Florida woman finds large gator knocking at her front door

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Behind her. a social worker knocking on the McNeil’s front door to offer a helping hand. Just a few short years ago though, that sort of thing didn’t happen. By 2015 the family had sent Sam to a.

She’s big. knock at the door from a social worker conducting a “wellness check” after an anonymous complaint about Kendrick’s two eldest kids playing outdoors, supposedly unsupervised. The.

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Once inside, she looked out the glass front door and saw a large alligator looking back at her. GATOR KNOCKS ON DOOR | A Florida woman came home to find a 7-8 foot alligator aggressively trying to.

Florida woman finds large gator knocking at her front door. Florida man gets life sentence for fatal robbery. woman who took video of speeding school bus gets into crash.

They spend their days in the warm Florida sunshine caring for Hope’s two young children. Then one morning, a stranger arrives at the Ruiz home and senselessly murders both women. knock comes at the.

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 · A South Carolina woman said an alligator made her way to her front door and apparently rang her doorbell. Karen Alfano, of Myrtle Beach, said that when she heard the bell ring, she expected it.

MERRITT ISLAND, Fla. – A massive, combative alligator startled a Merritt Island homeowner Tuesday by knocking on the front door of her house. Neighbors along River Moorings Drive near the Indian.

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She was woken up at 2 a.m. by an alert on her phone that movement was detected at her front door. By A Texas woman has a story that easily tops reports last summer of an alligator knocking at.